Saturday, 6 September 2014

Exit Summer (stage left)

Autumn announced it's arrival on September the first with a distinctly crisp bright morning, a crispness that only September brings and which sends a little thrill through my soul.  Summer lingers more shyly now like a lover who does not want to leave but must, doesn't really want to say goodbye, turns round again and again once more on it's way through the door.

I have not, until today, felt the familiar anchorage in  beloved non-time this summer; far too much has happened.  This I have missed with all of my heart but on reflection and on balance summer hasn't been too shabby.  A lot of coming and going between the two homes and for the first time since either of them started school the irritating interruption of having to work some weeks of the holiday.  There have been two extreme speeds of time - warp speed for when the imps are staying with me; it seems as if they are barely here two minutes before they are gone again.  And slow motion as I pine like a mother wolf for lost pups whilst they stay with Cliff.  Two days here, two days there, the rota rolls like that for now. 

I'm saving analysis on separation for another scrawl, another day.  So many thoughts and not much sense to be made from them yet.  Slowly perspective is beginning to shed gentle light on inspiration.  The summer holidays were basic on almost every level.  I do not honestly know how the children will remember them.  Maybe they will choose not to remember them maybe they will block them out as the summer Mum and Dad split up.  Maybe they will remember the nice things that did happen and the united front that organically grew between us in the wake of such immense change.  This whole scenario has always been about damage limitation and how to be a shining example of amicable separation and co-parenting.  If you believe something passionately enough it shall manifest.  And so As Is.

I do not have half as many tales as I would like to tell or half as many photographs as I would like but we started with adventure day involving making catapults for rival clans of mice to use in battle from different sides of the river bank (of course!) 


and being sure to leave a gift for the faerie folk.

Meet Whiskey and Mr Rusty, our new furry friends!  It is adorable the way Zander cradles Mr Rusty as if he were a newborn baby, I have seldom seen him so tender.


The Zoo!  Yes this was our surprise end of the holidays treat to them.  I am a terrible secret keeper but I managed to keep it right until we arrived, just!    The reaction we got from them wasn't quite what I had envisaged, much more 'huh?' than 'yay!'  I had my video camera at the ready but it was barely worth it, they'd no idea what a zoo is like having never been before.  But as is evident they settled in quite quickly, we could have left them with the monkeys and no one would have noticed.



Sealions are my new favourite animals (yes Squirrels have been demoted!)  They had an amazing sense of humour on them and were very willing to show off in return for a seemingly infinite supply of fish.

It has been a maelstrom of states and emotions.  It has been disjointed and a little bit surreal but we made it through in one piece.  Paradoxically I am glad it's all over yet not one bit at all.

So to summer I say 'so long and thanks for all the fish'.  To life I say What's next?

love and light and blessings bright X


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