Saturday, 6 September 2014

Enter Autumn (stage right)

This season brings with it allsorts of opportunities for foolish swooning.  Swooning over low mists and ochre earth, over chestnuts and mushrooms and flamboyant colour.  Over that feeling in the air and other such fancy stuff.

The very last day of the summer holidays was a beautiful one.  I found this baby Chestnut tree whilst I was clearing a flower bed in the garden at the old house which Cliff and I both agreed I can retain my guardianship of.  The imps planted a conker last year and with adult sinicism I said it probably wouldn't grow.  Well it did! 
The blush of the pears so nearly ripe is so romantic and we tip our hats to the holidays and Autumns arrival the best way we know how.  Fire.  Always with fire.  And hair and clothes that smell of bonfires for long days after.  That should always be swooned over!

I'm so glad the weekend came so soon after the beginning of term.  I felt like a criminal not being able to do the school run on Friday - not just the school run but the first of the new year.  I missed the excitement and the confusion the reuniting with mama friends after the break the anticipation and the photo opportunity at the school gates.  It tore at my heart to think of Cliff in my place and it was not that he was doing it instead, it was that I had no control over my ability to be there because of work.  These long hours are suiting me less and less now that I only have the children half the time.  I fear looking back in the coming years and feeling like I have missed too much.  I know I had to get a day job that paid a reasonable amount and I know something had to give at home but rolling a review of it in my head now, has the exchange of sacrifices been worth it? 
A reflective season this always is but this Autumn will be different.  Considerations will be different, inevitably and I sense protective barriers guarding me.  So I await to see if the critiques and inspirations will begin visiting me as the days noticeably shorten and the shadows lengthen. 
Love and light and blessings bright X


  1. Hi Rose! My name is Heather and I have a quick question about your blog :-) If you could email me at Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com I would greatly appreciate it!

    1. please feel free to ask away here, I'm not using an email account currently