Friday, 18 July 2014

I could walk forever

Part I

Today is a day where I could walk forever through the cool caress of the woods

pausing here and there to listen to the cacophonous silence

contemplate the intricate lace work of branches above

and be still enough to notice a multitude of shrews

hurrying busily through the leaf litter.

Everything looks slightly removed from real

a trap of non time

a thinning of veils

that I could quite easily loose myself entirely to

blurring the edges of my spirit

with that of this place

it seems to speak

to whisper in low hypnotic tones


here you come

here you are

here you be

and I - not the faintest notion of the lapse of time.

Part II

It is a place full of sensational whispers today

after a night of brooding storm energy

the trees have much to speak of

a wild buzz

woodland gossip -

as the news, whatever it is,

is passed from branch to branch

tree to tree

until soon all the woods are talking about it


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