Thursday, 19 June 2014

now is the time to share

I can't restrain myself from sharing some of my poems any longer.  I didn't want this writers nook to become a self indulgent place but it's my place and it's my time ...
Raise your energy up
rise up, right up
stand up and shine it out
like the star you know you are.
don't resist that rhythm
don't resist that bass line
don't resist the poem
don't resist the rhyme
dance it up
your energy love
smile it outward love
radiate, assimilate, feel the energy reverberate
don't resite that rhythm
don't resist that bass
never give up dancing
until there's a smile upon your face
relax into it
take it for a subtle stroll
sit back some and get to know it
learn the art of energy sensitivity and control
don't resist the empowerment
don't get lost inside your head
and when your own words fail you
belt out the ones others said.

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