Sunday, 29 June 2014

Moving on up

The countdown is on.  Move date is 1st August.  Exactly five years to the day that I moved in here with Cliff and the kids just three weeks after Gaia was born.  Sigh.  Will all my preparation and research come together as I need it to now?  This is a massive leap of faith and I do feel like I'm standing on the edge of a precipice, it is slightly exciting and entirely terrifying all at the same time.  A risk it is necessary to take.
The children seem excited, I spoke with them subtly the other night and I didn't get any negative feelings or feedback from them, perhaps they do not fully understand the changes coming or perhaps it is as everyone else says and that they are much more robust and adaptable than us grown ups give them credit for or are indeed ourselves.
I have spoken openly about the move in their presence over the last few of months so it has become a normal concept and topic of conversation.  Sometimes I have wondered if this is the 'right' way to go about things, I haven't planned 'THE conversation' or bought books and found frilly words and ways to avoid speaking plain truths.  Mostly I am pleased that in this instance my instincts seem to have served me well, even if their efforts in other areas of my life have been sketchy!
I'm riding the waves, a plethora of emotions are visiting me now it's all actually happening, an inevitable process to go through and in truth I don't know how I feel although I have not observed any indication that this is the wrong thing to do.
Faith be the alchemist and trust in the process.  I'm working on self belief, it's taken a hit recently but I think deep down there is enough.


  1. I've just signed into blogger in the first time in god know's how long and was so delighted to see your beautiful blog at the top of my feed. I often think about you lovely mama, and i am sending you so much love and light for this next chapter and journey ahead.Much love Bec xx

    1. Oh lovely Bec hello! I think about you often too. I hope you and your little clan are doing well, when is your little one due to arrive Earthside? I would do well to remember the stories of women such as yourself who have made the same decisions and made them work finding happiness for yourself along the way. Blessed to have that inspiration. I am hoping to road trip to the North Lands later this year as a soul recalibration, somewhere I have never been before ... perhaps, perhaps. Always with love X