Sunday, 29 June 2014

Midsummer memories

My dad always used to say to me that something's are meant to be precious memories and not captured and immortalised in photography.  Over the years I have forgotten my camera or found it out of juice at seemingly the most inconvenient of times!  The ones where the sunset is unspeakably beautiful and a large band of children all wear smiles and mischief on their faces.  Where friends and kindred spirits laze luxuriantly and faithfully round a fire sharing laughter, cider, music and company till the wee wee hours.  Yes!  I had no camera for the most perfect of Midsummer Eve's this year.  I do however have a new montage of sweet moments etched upon my memory.  Midsummer Eve was all of the above.  We camped in our friends garden in a village outside of town us and a lovely bunch we know, all with kids.  We walked down through fields past a  countryside marina to the river and caught an incredible sunset and tipped our hats to the poignancy of the evening.  We collected branches from a twisted willow tree to make crowns for the children and they busied themselves with outdoorsy craft projects.  They stayed up and we made up stories by the fireside.  It was like a mini festival.  No child misbehaved, no mama spoke cross words.  And considering my original plan had been to drive down to Stonehenge after work with the kids last night - because I promised them we would - this was a serendipitous change of plan, totally what we needed, soul food and a bonding opportunity for me and the kids - me in my element - the outdoors where I can relax and flourish and find my natural rhythm.

Happy Summer Solstice little ones, I hope you remember this for a long time


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