Friday, 11 April 2014

Beloved Non-time

It has taken 4 days for me to rediscover the holiday rhythm I love so much.  The non-time one.  Little things have acted as anchors.  Physically picking the kids up from school holiday club where they were on Monday whilst I applied myself to various things was reminiscent of the school run and curiously comforting.  Making pancakes for breakfast, treading old paths, old lines of energy - parks not visited in years, bike rides by the river.  Cooking every evening and solitary morning serenity in the garden just me and my chai, for a handful of moments before the imps sense fresh air and come bounding out opportunistically - entirely forgetting about the existence of shoes and jumpers!   And the intriguing thing is that these are rhythms I started laying down years ago with all the new-mama enthusiasm and passion for creating meaningful traditions, now I'm finding we return to them naturally and reap bigger rewards and comforts than I could have known about.  Even in the midst of chaos we are still able seek out new anchorage in different bays. A random request one bed time from Zander for my rendition of 'My Favourite Things' from the Sound of Music and now I'm singing it each night as each imp hops into bed.  This is good for them and good for me.

Time with the children is a blessing, we have needed to reconnect.  The evenings after work this last term have been disjointed, no firm alternative rhythm surfacing and the weekends though more precious than ever are undeniably more rushed.  But we've arrived at happy familiar space.  Breathing it all in.  They are changing too.  There is less need for me to suggest and inspire their play, I seem to be needed more as a referee for their own games and ideas as although they adore each other they squabble bitterly daily over one thing or another.  The constant whickering like otter pups, only many decibels louder, is the thing that grates away at my brain and patience slowly!  Ah why the hell not try ignoring them, like completely ignore them and see what happens.  This happened ...


Ok so they dug up my herb container for the soil, again, I saw them doing it and with a smile refrained from berating them for it, look how happy it made them to run wild with their imaginations ...

They have a trampoline now too which it turns out is an incredible invention!  Essentially a cage in which they can spend hours wearing themselves out whilst alternating between having fun and fighting within a relatively safe enclosed bouncy space.  Perfect!

Outside there is a feeling of revitalisation everywhere.  Each night the garden is enchanted in new ways with a succession of reliable arrivals once winter starts loosing its grip on the earth.  The snow drops, the primroses.  The daffodils, snakes head fritillary, the wallflowers, forget-me-nots, tulips then the fruit blossoms.  The Elder tree I grew from a small twig now teases me with it's very first visible promise of summer bounty - I'm thinking cordial and champagne already!

The woods are singing too and tender foliage stakes its claim in the barren spaces once more.  Every green more pleasing than the last.



lets see how far the rabbit hole goes ...

There is so much subtle beauty in the world, so many blessings to be had ... the message is being carried on the warmer breeze throughout the land ... wake up, begin again!

Always with love X


  1. I love your posts so much, your writing style is beautiful..enjoy the hols mama xx