Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Tis true.  I have been distant from my words.  Writing, recording, has to be organic, un-forced, so I will not make excuses and apologies to or for myself.  Things are what they are.  The season is what it is. Now we turn to spring.  To new beginnings. To hope.
I have literally just finished reading an article accompanying some beautiful photographs about seeing the wonder of the world by remembering moments of childhood.  Unspecific moments, moments that could pass by were it not for curious mindfulness. 

For a while I had forgotten.
Distraction appears in many forms - the chores, the mundane but necessary, the challenges, the unexpected, technology, daydreams.  What is the balance of staying present but attending the other things that shouldn't be ignored?  Making the call as to weather they should or should not be ignored and for how long?  I make no pretences of having the answers to those particular questions, I question myself and my preoccupations daily.  I am still so humbly muddling through.
I wonder what I am missing, if I am missing out, now I work the nine 'till five.  I have not the time to lavish on the obscure wondrous moments like I used to.  Endless days of endless opportunities to capture endless wonder.  Those were the glory days, the pre-school days where time stood relatively still.  That isn't to say it does not happen now, the wonder that is, but time is a luxury I am no longer afforded so much of.  The time I do have though is expanding exponentially in quality.
The balance is like walking a tight wire with not enough margin for error.  But I've always loved me a tight wire, so as these boots were made for walkin' that's just what they'll do ...




 There are many things I hope for this year.  There are many seeds I've sown.  Nourished by the unwavering love of my children I hope I will grow.  I hope that with mine, and in spite of my imperfections,  they will too.

Always with love X

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