Thursday, 26 December 2013

Poetry : Prequel to a Hearts Tale

Sometimes words flow concisely and organically and this I find bliss.  So I needed a place for this work - a place other than shut away in a book in my room.

Prequel to a Hearts Tale

This is the tale of a curious heart.

This heart, though treacherous, felt the need to be heard

Connecting its mind with its soul it looked for the words...

- words that were neither cryptic nor indicative it searched high and low

For acknowledgement of truth - weather of beauty or no.

It thought it should hide this, deny this, make it go right away

But it couldn't, it was too real and too unexpected not to feel or let stay.

'And which way indeed,' it thought 'shall I use this intensity?

And what has it brought me, what will it teach me this treachery?'

There is always a reason, a lesson to learn

But it got tougher the longer the heart pondered and yearned.

Then it realised that in spite of the nigh-un-impossibility of it all

It needn't be wrong for this facet to be philosophically explored.

As valid as any other quandary life might throw

A love impermissible may, exponentially, help it to grow

If only it could diligently consolidate and write

What it might say of it's curiosity without sounding soppy or trite.

This small gesture inward to the hearts perceivable core

Gave it courage to accept that which it could not before.

The courage to accept what it could not change

- to render honesty and begin setting it's own story in it's own words upon it's own tender stage.


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