Thursday, 26 December 2013

Poetry : Prequel to a Hearts Tale

Sometimes words flow concisely and organically and this I find bliss.  So I needed a place for this work - a place other than shut away in a book in my room.

Prequel to a Hearts Tale

This is the tale of a curious heart.

This heart, though treacherous, felt the need to be heard

Connecting its mind with its soul it looked for the words...

- words that were neither cryptic nor indicative it searched high and low

For acknowledgement of truth - weather of beauty or no.

It thought it should hide this, deny this, make it go right away

But it couldn't, it was too real and too unexpected not to feel or let stay.

'And which way indeed,' it thought 'shall I use this intensity?

And what has it brought me, what will it teach me this treachery?'

There is always a reason, a lesson to learn

But it got tougher the longer the heart pondered and yearned.

Then it realised that in spite of the nigh-un-impossibility of it all

It needn't be wrong for this facet to be philosophically explored.

As valid as any other quandary life might throw

A love impermissible may, exponentially, help it to grow

If only it could diligently consolidate and write

What it might say of it's curiosity without sounding soppy or trite.

This small gesture inward to the hearts perceivable core

Gave it courage to accept that which it could not before.

The courage to accept what it could not change

- to render honesty and begin setting it's own story in it's own words upon it's own tender stage.


Monday, 16 December 2013

Winter Warmers

The season of chaos is in full swing, adding to that which we co-exist with already!  Time is short and the list is long and obstacles left right and centre.  Nothing like keepin' on keepin' on though but seriously it has felt like Friday all week - I'm that disorientated.  And this last two week stretch until I finish this shift work monkey business seems longer than the entire time I've been there. That old cliche so near yet so far, I feel like I'm crawling through treacle to the finish line.
Really I'm not sure what else I expected ... a peaceful winding down, a calm recalibration period leaving me feeling refreshed and ready to enter the next phase of life with my head firmly on my shoulders?  I'll put that whimsical imagining away and strive to embrace the madness instead - for this is what I seem to be surrounded by, festive madness!
We are all ready to fall out of the term time rhythm, we need for time to become inconsequential.  My romantic theory is that if we do not use the measurement of time on the clock then we find non-time.  Days and weeks become timeless and when we are not constantly measuring our days out into minutes and hours they seem to go further, last longer and become fuller.  I get a sense of this during the holidays, a rising and setting sun or a hungry belly telling me all I want to know and the winter festival is a chance to strengthen our anchorage in the darkest months as nature puts itself to sleep above ground.
Still, enchanting in it's way, there is the beauty of gnarly tree trunks silhouetted against dramatic sunsets and barren branches in the woods sketching a reminder of where the spring canopy will appear once again next year if only we have enough patience to wait.  We were in the woods on Sunday, enjoying again the rustic charm of seeing father Christmas there.  I don't need an excuse to get clad in earthy elfin threads but this day I feel a resonance that demands it.  I tended the fire outside the cabin and made tea for the other elves and the kids came down at the end with beautifully written letters in hand, both leaving with their belief in magic firmly reaffirmed for another year yet - evident in the private smiles they both wore as we walked away.  The simple backdrop of the woods leaving more to my bairns imagination than the gaudy colours of store-dwelling Santa's I do everything to avoid!

Now to get through the next few weeks and retain an air of magic within my own being through the seasonal stress, I am secretly hoping a little spark from that fire made a nest inside my soul somewhere. 

Always with love X