Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Poetic license

Oh Autumn
you bring forth in me, always, wellsprings of poetic thee's and thou's as if I were not hopelessly romantic enough already!
That signature rusty palette you attend to all the Earth with?
Slays me as it sets the very trees ablaze!
And by the wind
- shards of fire shatter from lofty branches and come to rest as a gaudy carpet reflecting above below.

Oh Autumn
Somehow, you hang sepia in the air tinting everything precisely, how so?
You stretch shadows and wash the horizon with a delicate water-colour rainbow,
Whilst those slow herds lurch with a mysterious new grace, 
through your low concealing veils.
Veils which are thinning now - as is plain to see from the frivolous clues left by the Fae
Their enchantments and mischief suffusing even the most unsuspecting of places.

Oh Autumn you close the summer in such a way as it seems it might really go on forever after all.
But winter humbles us abruptly into a quieter remembrance.
A reverence to the undeniable duality at the very core of life.
As you sleep, 
She dreams hope.

Rose Wood
October 2013.

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