Thursday, 5 September 2013

Store cupboard dinners challenge: Day 4 : Abundance

This challenge has really got me going!  This morning I compiled a list of things that could keep us going until Tuesday next week based around our store cupboard and the garden with minimal spend on essentials like milk, loo roll and eggs!  Today the garden has provided all but one ingredient for our dinner.  We have courgettes potatoes and spring onions still out there and I have mint in the fridge that is dried from ages ago.  The one naughty ingredient I bought in is a block of feta which combined with the veg creates a luxuriously flavoursome Greek casserole type thing and it is something we eat relentlessly here in the summer and never ever grow bored of.  It tastes unbelievable and is a recipe I have been making for over ten years now.  The kids go especially nuts for it when I use our homegrown veg.

For lunch we had a little party just me and the two imps as orchestrated by Gaia who is very aware of the need to celebrate this last day of the summer holidays.  I love that they already recognise  the importance of marking poignant days, even full moon has become a cause for their attentions now.  So I made pizzas, we had scones left over from breakfast and I bought some crisps as a treat and also a pineapple because there's no fruit left in the house.  Fruit is essential and I won't scrimp on it.

This is frugal living, yet it feels way more abundant and real than the depressing consumerist habits it is easy to fall into when I'm time poor, distracted or too tired to think.  Abundance is a theme I am exploring lately within the context of family life and the kids perception of it.  It is a constant battle for me as I am not a high or even moderate earner due to the part time nature of my work since the kids were born and I do not hold much importance on being so, happiness and balance are immeasurably more important than wealth.  But I have noticed myself saying all too often things like 'Sorry I don't have any money'  'wait till pay day poppet' 'I can't afford that' lately.  And I shouldn't - lest the kids grow up feeling deprived and impoverished even if only conditioned by me and my words to think that.  I am coming round to the idea that the trick here is to make everything seem abundant even if money is scarce.  And in working on seeming abundant I actually start to feel more abundant myself, then it all flows nicely round in a circle governed by the law of attraction ... what you put out you get back.  In this sense creating abundance is actually proving easier, less emotionally and physiologically demanding than stressing and frowning about the bread line each day. I am genuinely surprised at how much money I have saved this week and I'm kicking myself for not being more conscious of my spending more of the time.  Turning it into a pro-active project in these posts and on facebook with friends has given me an enthusiastic kick up the ass.  It's all in the mind, I see that now.

Bon Appetit! 

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