Friday, 19 July 2013

Summer earth muffins

There's some proper earthiness going down in our suburban bubble right now.  Nothing makes me beam more than scenes like these ...

We are picking at least a punnet of strawberries a day and Zander & Gaia's lucky teachers will be getting a jar of home made home grown jam as an end of year present next week a fact of which the imps are rather proud.  We been a - practicing and taste testing and getting rather possesive over our jam!  Specially nice with scones we think ....


Whilst they are both finishing school and nursery on a high we are all ready for a change of rhythm and a chance to reconnect.  I am, somehow for a change, managing to stay with the whole becoming more present and more involved thing, actually playing with my kids rather than lurking distracted on the sidelines in the kitchen wishing I was more present.  We are playing more games, reading more stories, staying up later and being a bit more light hearted.  All good stuff and high time really.  

It is all interwoven with the inner work I continue doing on my self for their sakes and mine and right now affirmations and intentions are my best friends.  Did you know it was possible to manifest through simply writing, repeating and believing intentional affirmations?  I'd forgotten but I remember now - just like the hypnobirthing affirmations I spent months saying daily and  believing with the whole of my being as I awaited Gaia's arrival.  It works, it really does.  So I am adding to my practice and some weeks one third of my body/mind/soul trinity craves yoga with a parched thirst and other weeks my mind insists on an intense stretch of spacious meditation.  Some weeks my soul stands up and coughs to grab attention of the other two and gets creative by throwing contemplative study, reflective writing, zen like garden or house related tasks into the mix, whilst I have permanently installed a selection of poetry books by my kettle so that every time I go to make tea (and I do this ALOT) I read a poem and feel a little more whimsical in amongst any lurking drudgery.  Needless to say I am being slightly more efficient and selective with cleaning up after dinner and things so I actually have time for a little of this and a little of that after the kids are in bed.  I keep reading I should do more of what makes me happy, so I am and it ain't house work that makes me happy!

All this is in aid of me being truer to some form of self I sense within this vessel - a true one, one that isn't a screaming banshee that much of the time.  One that the kids can be proud to call Mum.  One that I will not regret working to find when I look back.

Summer lovin x


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  1. I love that you have put inspiring books right near your kettle, such a wonderful idea!