Friday, 19 July 2013

Moth messenger

Two moths in one day is no coincidence.  The first I found was a dead hawk moth, complete and enormous with luminous green eggs still visible inside it which was a bit weird.  But I saved it to show the kids and then did a little reading into the possible significance of moths.  And then just now I saved this gorgeous moth from the paddling pool ...

At first I thought it was dead, which I didn't like much, but then it quivered just enough with its sodden wings and body to let me know not to discard or judge it or pass this opportunity up.  So we sat for a while in the hot dry heat of the sun and it moved a little more then got to its feet, shifted its antennae around as if looking to pick up a radio station or something.  It paced around my hand a little getting its balance again then flew to a nearby blade of grass where the sun shone through it's wings in luminescence.  It is just so beautiful, I don't think I have ever seen one with these colours in its wings.  On looking it up I found it to be a Burnet Moth one of the only day flyer's and it produces hydrogen cyanide if it feels threatened ... I'm fairly certain it was rather grateful to me for saving it though.

As with butterflies the symbolism of Moth has a lot to do with embracing transition and transformation only with most Moths nocturnal habits it has some other connotations too.  It has to do with developing intuition and navigating through darkness - metaphorical and literal, always moving on a path towards light - moonlight especially, moths are connected to the moon ... as we women are too.  But moth is also attracted to the wrong sort of light in her quest and so she must be vigilant of this confusion and adjust her course.  She has faith too and determination in her needs being met each night, food will be found as will the path to light; the universe will provide even in the darkness.

Lately my heart, my mind and my soul have been opening to and facing up to the reality of life's difficulties, my life's difficulties - which I don't want to go into detail about here but it is daunting to move from a state of ignoring them and hoping they will go away to saying ok, enough already, I need to act, what am I actually going to do.  I am in no doubt that Moth is the most timely of messengers.  I am making every effort to sit coolly and calmly whilst I think everything through and here now I have inspiration to continue doing so with all the inner strength I am beginning to sense.

love and light X

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  1. I have been trying to listen to the messages and medicine that nature has been bringing me lately too.

    That moth is beautiful. xo