Saturday, 6 July 2013

Living the Good Life

Tis the season of abundance ... tis it not?    I see it in the flowers rambling wildly and charismatically in no particular order, in my neat-for-a-change full-to-bursting veg bed and the exquisitely satisfying rainbow salad we are eating each day; freshly picked, organic, zero carbon foot print, zero nutrient loss ... everything we need right here right now baby!  I see it in the kids munching on crisp carrots for supper and excitedly picking ripe red strawberries for elevenses ... and even the not so ripe ones too irresistible with the memory of the sweet mouth watering haul still fresh in their mouths and minds.  Patiently watching the pears on the trees swell and blush more with sunrise and sunset.  And the pea pods oh the pea pod's so thin and small and delicate ... imagining how they are going to grow soon like pregnant pods and the sweetness they will encase in just a few weeks more.  Oh it's all irresistible.  Particularly Jasmine, sweet elegant Jasmine.  My love affair with this flower has been a long one. A vivid synesthetic childhood memory of mine, her flowers I wore in my hair for my high school leavers ball, her boughs I strew all around our tent whilst in Sicily and this year my own plant is maturing and putting on her best show yet.






and they been jammin' ... wotcha-wa-wa-wa

Days like today when the imps are content in the paddling pool and I work tirelessly as guardian to my share of this Earth I know we are living the good life.  Even with the remnants of a dose of flu hanging about there is no way such a sunny day was going to waste.  Sweating the toxins out doing something I love is self care enough for this mama.  And sitting outside as I write, watching the sun go down a damask rose behind a suburban backdrop with a cup of tea I can barely taste and a welcome breeze tickling my skin smoothes what troubles I have right away.

Love & light & blessings bright x x x 

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