Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Solstice Serendipity

There was such magic in the air on the Summer Solstice.  The day started by not going according to plan.  No early rise for sun up, a banging migraine and a cloudy, muggy air about the place.  But the kids and I we know how to make magic happen and honestly I have never known time to stand still in our own garden as it did that day.

They know the drill, instinct kicks in - we celebrate with fire, we write unselfish hopes and wishes to send up in the flames, we feast on whatever we can find - toasting home made bread in the flames.  Gathering herbs - Sage, Rosemary and Thyme for the fire, we tell stories and dress up, we warm our toes and our hearts, we leave offerings for faeries that come in disguise, we hold one another and smile deep into each others souls.  And this is exactly what we did.  I humbly remembered I am sitting in perfect abundance, I have everything I need right here so long as they are with me.  




Serious perfection.

Love & Light and Blessings Bright.


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