Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Little Wonders

Subtle soul things going on, lots of nature, Lady Summer how welcome you are!

Look who I found all fluffy and fresh clinging to our garden fence.  Newly emerged, just drying those wings out then off she flew.

Then more from a faeries eye view, I discovered just how stunning the tendrils of a dandelion are up close...

Sunday of this glorious 3 day weekend was the day after the night before ~ yes Mama went out.  I was dog tired the next day and my imps delighted in my urge to do no more than sunbath in the garden.  We snuggled and goofed around a bit and I couldn't help but wonder why it is only on such occasions that I allow myself to truly detach from the monotonous hum drum of running a house and all that goes with it?  I didn't care for anything other than chilling out with my babies and nothing lured me back indoors, nothing at all ~  no thoughts of 'jeez I really should do that washing up or maybe as its such a nice day I should load the washing machine up' ... not even!  Just me the Earth the Sky and my babies.  I concluded it really is healthy for Mama to go out and mama should go out more often!

And yesterday we headed to our favourite spot round here, Wandlebury Woods. The kids were most excited about the bird hide, the Fallen Oak Staircase and the myriad 'space ships' created by root systems of uprooted trees.  Always my heart beats in unison with the hearts of the trees, this is home and I forget about the hum drum some more.

... the old oak staircase (sounds pleasingly like something out of Brambley Hedge!) and a fantastic bit of tree yoga I thought!

Zander enjoyed telling us snippets of things he learnt on a school trip here last month like the names of the highland bulls, he showed us the gravestone of a horse and where a family of rats have taken up residence!  I loved hearing him share the things he learnt that none of us had any idea about, he sounded proud of his knowledge, so grown up.  

But for me, starting with a little meditation letting my back melt into the trunk of a Beech sister behind me as the children played, it instinctively evolved into a flower walk ~ something I had forgotten I had been meaning to do as part of a course I am working through.  So many wildflowers scattered the ground whose meanings and symbolism I'm now looking into.  And I was so excited to see the first Elder flower buds of the year ... I'm thinking cordial already!

This week the notion of the law of attraction has presented itself to me from two different sources in as many days.  That is to say our future is shaped by our thoughts of today.  Our vibrations, our frequency - what we are giving out we attract back.  What we want or need we can make manifest in our lives, starting simply by putting it out there to the universe we set things in motion  It isn't news to me how visualisation, intention and positive thinking work but as with most things these notions get forgotten in the chaos of everyday life so I am grateful of these reminders appearing together almost certainly not by coincidence.  

So with happiness and love x x x


  1. Beautiful, that park looks magical!

    1. my favourite spot! We off there today for a May celebration with maypoles, costumes, heavy horses and things! X