Monday, 27 May 2013

Finding happiness

There has been  a proper dingy funk hanging like a thick mist around me for some days and it's confusing.  I haven't felt like this for a long time.

But as if timed to perfection a talk on Buddhism I went to after meditation on thursday night brought sound preemptive advice; a reminder of how to sit with the funk, how to open and rise through it like a lotus growing through the mud, how to come down into the body and be present and leave the procrastinatory preoccupations of the mind behind.  I am glad things happen in sequence like this, the universe has looked after me by preparing me in it's own way.  Over the last few days I felt my grip on things slipping slowly through my hands, I have wept at how unconnected I've felt to my children and hidden in bed away from what I feel I'm failing it and what hasn't worked out.  I felt joy leave and an unwanted emptiness sneak in and start to gather in its place.  Perhaps womanly hormones have played a part and the moon in her fullness too but a kick up the butt is sometimes needed whatever shape it comes in.

Today though I can feel the funk is lifting, I am choosing to find happiness - repeating this to myself like a mantra, finding gratitude in all experiences as lessons and trusting the process - trusting the universe has this all worked out if I will only align myself with Spirit's will.  I have consciously honoured moon-time: red jewellery, red clothes, red foods even red chili chocolate wrapped in a red wrapper.  I freshened up my personal sacred space, made a vision inspiration board, changed my diet switching to almost entirely raw food for over a week now and I've connected with nature.  Oh and the sunshine reappearing helps dramatically too.

This afternoon we found happiness in the meadows.  We are so damn lucky living in Cambridge with the amount of greenspace only minutes from most suburban areas.  The urgent shrieks of boat crews & their coaches tearing up and down the river and towpath, the many picnickers watching and sunning themselves; laughing and chattering, families strolling after big sunday lunches.  And there was us ...



beneath this beautiful Hawthorn sister they carved nooks to snooze in long long grasses ...


and made paths to magic hollows full of blossoms ...


emerging as faeries of summer itself ...


nature concludes happiness is yellow ....



Walking gently with love X


  1. That meadow! So green and full of life, and those pics of your babes are gorgeous.

  2. This post made me smile :-) Glad you found your way out of funk-land and into the fun and magic of nature. The weather hasn't helped has it? Lots of love xx

    1. no the weather is rubbish, you wouldn't believe midsummer was around the corner would you. I found another tonic for that disconnection is to watch all the videos of the kids from when they were smaller ... and they love that too. love and light to you too mama x x x

  3. Glad you were able to get out of your funk. Been there, done that. Whenever I find myself getting into a funk I try to find inspirational books to cheer me up. An author who has inspired me, has written three books on this topic of being happy. They are, "Happy Shorts","The Happy Tips Book", and "One-Liners For Life" and she has also written children's books. One of her books, The Happy Tips Book, "Happy Shorts" is a book I can really identify with. A spark of inspiration is all it takes to gain greater understanding. The essays provide sparks of thought and understanding and are like a good talk with a friend who has been there done that." You can find her website here