Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Gaia and I enjoyed our first lunch of the year outside today!  And look ~ she has started wanting to learn to read.  She loves the usbourn word/picture books and actually got a surprising number of letters right when she sounded and speld the words out.  I don't need any excuse to croon over child lead learning some more but see here!

She's my baby, my littlest that will start school this autumn.  It will be hard to let go in a different way to when Zander started but the same in that it seems way too quick, family life blurs by so fast can she really nearly be four?  But there are encouraging signs she will blossom with it too.  She has that lust for learning.

Look who literally dropped out of the sky in front of me today

When I saw a peacock butterfly for the first time this year the other day I felt maybe I should research it's significance and I found that the butterfly offers us wisdom in times of transformation asks us to accept the changes going on within and without us as casually as she does her own metamorphosis and not to freak out.  She teaches us to hold our faith and that frustration will not serve us along this path.

I reached out to her, something was calling me, the way she shut her wings just the once, then as I reached again she purposefully opened them just the once again.  I was drawn to her and she did not flinch the closer my hand got, I think I may have asked if I could speak a while and I picked her up, she seemed totally cool with this so I figured it was.  She was all fluffy up close with big eyes you never see from a distance and I exchanged a sort of greeting with her, she said something back, then I gently placed her back where she had been.

I am certain I can apply those teachings to my life ~ I feel so stretched for time at the moment - wanting to fit meditation and yoga practise in as regularly as I can but also sleep too!  Then there are much neglected friends and exciting new projects that have crossed my path which had me unable to sleep for a whirlwind of possibilities last night.  I could have honoured any one of these this afternoon when Gaia went to nursery but in the end could not turn a blind eye to the filthy floors anymore.  I decided, philosophically, to find zen in cleaning and if ever anyone considered the relationship between clean floors and an easy soul ... they were right ... me and my homestead feel much refreshed!

In this fresher space we ended with a happy goofy half hour before bed tonight ...

awaitin' this beautiful ol' full moon a comin' ....
love love love X X X


  1. That butterfly, what a wonderful visitor to encounter. I am the same way, when our house is clean and somewhat organized, I feel so much more at peace.

    1. I should really remember how clean floors make me feel, I get all ' I didn't sign up to being a housewife I'm gonna leave them' but then feel awesome when they are so clean my feet no longer stick to them! X

  2. Ah, yes. Much goes right (and easy) when it happens on clean floors. It's definitely the way it works for me!
    I love the soul-sharing with the butterfly. Love it when we listen well.

    1. being open and not looking too hard ... a joy when the synergy moves x