Monday, 15 April 2013

These two ...

I just love the love between my girl and my bro.  She loves all my family, she tells me so regularly but there is something about Alex that she just adores ....

He is so good with all the kids - mine and Fiona's.  Yesterday we gathered at Fiona's house for Mums birthday lunch and as we were sitting totally stuffed and unable to move Alex got up to go play football with the kids outside.  Secretly I think he needed some fresh air after such a fabulous big lunch but he always takes a turn with them like this, it is so beautiful to watch, makes my heart sing.  They seemed to be having so much fun we all got up and joined them in the end.  A whole family game of football - no rules, no teams just plain good fun ~  even Grandad who is nearly 90 took a couple of shots!  It was the best move ~ we all felt so invigorated afterwards and I even ached this morning!  I love having this kind of fun with my siblings now we are grown, it is as much fun if not more than when we were small and hopefully they are moments our kids will remember with fondness too.

love and light X

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  1. <3 lucky girl! my girls love their uncles so much... wish we saw more of them!