Friday, 12 April 2013

Store cupboard challenge day 4, 5 & 6

so wednesdays store cupboard dinner was ....

spaghetti bolognase

Quorn (free from tescos thanks to a voucher burning a hole in my pocket so I figured this doesn't count as a purchase right?!)
tinned tomato's

and I found you can even make a trifle out of store cupboard ingredients (mostly) too!

tinned mandarins
homemade sponge cakes for the base - flour, sugar, eggs, butter, vanilla yogurt for extra flavour.
whipping cream (I had to buy this but it is all I did buy for this meal.)

Yum yum!

Yesterday I totally rocked the home made granola thang for breakfast, seriously why did it take me this long to realise how quick, easy and cost effective it is to make this stuff!

sunflower seeds

And yesterdays dinner was freezer meals ...

homemade freezer meals lovingly stashed earlier this month ...

potato dauphinoise for the kids
spanacopita for me
plus tinned curry (actually bloody good authentic stuff!) and fresh chapatis for cliff (flour & water)

pudding was left over trifle from yesterday.

Today even our store-cupboard supplies are waning so a few purchases have been made

Risotto (for Cliff and I kids don't like it)

Arborio rice
flat leaved parsley (bought today)

the kids have had Beans on toast

Baked beans

Bread (bought today)

I think I've done really well at using up supplies and only buying when necessary, it has helped considerably.  Next week is going to be even tougher as I crawl to pay day but 's'cool, I'll continue to use up what I can complimenting with new purchases where I absolutely have to.  All our lunches these past six days have been store-cupboard but I haven't thought to record each of those - mostly things like pasta and pesto, fresh scones etc.

So be inspired, go raid the darkest recesses of your kitchen cupboards and pantries and don't talk yourself into going out to the shop for something more exotic or interesting, it isn't as difficult as you think to do a little basic alchemy and create something out of nothing!

Love love love X

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