Wednesday, 10 April 2013

New moon, spring joys

There has been more peace in the nest since I returned from my little getaway.  I always find it a challenge to ride the crest of a holiday wave when faced with all the regular day to day stuff but when you feel you have discovered another layer inside through a specific experience it is a little easier ... thus far!  Always only part of an infinite process and realising this instead of constantly yearning for that one eureka moment of enlightenment is what is most soothing.  It helps with seeing myself evolve - being less harsh on myself when I fall short, acknowledging the positive steps I take in changing the way I react to life.  So essentially there has been more peace inside me since I returned but no time for intentional solitary reflection - perhaps I have not needed to, hearing subtle whispers of preciousness from within has been soul food enough.  But it's new moon today, time for going inward so I have meditations and yoga sessions 'scheduled' for myself later.

The sun is proudly shining again so we took a walk to Misty Meadows this afternoon where Gaia found a carpet of chickweed!  This is something I have been searching for along the river for over a year now and is especially useful for skin conditions so I have picked a whole bunch to dry.   

I found myself really soaking up the goodness in hearing them giggle and play today, this is the best bit of being a mama for sure.


This here  is Gaia's favourite faerie residence on the meadow with a chimney, where today she left sunflower seeds as a little offering ...

When we came to the river the other day Zander asked me to give him some spelling tests .... queue a moment to swoon over child led learning again!  Like reading the books from school, spelling homework is something I have never pushed on him ... only now two thirds of the way into his second year at school has he started to show an interest and what more perfect and nurturing a location to honour this than our favourite spot by the river?

These warmer brighter days are such a blessing, so many opportunities to spend time in our own garden.    This year the kids are finding it easier to exist in this space with their imaginative-mostly-cooperative play.  The winter has been so long and harsh that it has seemed like forever since we all spent hours just hanging out outside.  It is so satisfying to think back over a day and count most hours spent in fresh air and the arms of mother earth.  Finally the veggie seeds and sets are warm enough to start germinating and over the last few months we've been adding to this little space we are now calling the pixie hollow ~ inspired by a resonant article I read a while back, it is our little space for faerie folk to intentionally gather and dance.  It is also a space I have taken to sitting beside drinking in its charm whilst drinking herbal teas and coffees.

love and light and blessings bright X


  1. Sweet mama, your words are like medicine to me, they remind me of what it is to live in the now and be at peace with yourself, faults and all.
    My mister made our tiny bedroom a space for just me to go and be alone, meditate, take time out but alas I haven't been in there yet, life just carries me on through our busy day and before you realise it, I'm way too tired.
    Love and light Sue xx

    1. well I strive for peace within - some days I find it others it seems like a very long distance relationship! Use that space ... insist on five minutes today, do it mama! just five ... put a DVD on for your boy and just do it - you need to build a me-time habit, baby steps then after a while you'll find you are carving time in this space each day. Usually my time is after the kids are in bed - I forsake chores and a clean house after 8 o'clock and do yoga and reading/writing/studying or whatever takes me. usually I find half an hour to meditate mid morning because my kids have become accustomed to me doing this now so they tend to manage to behave that long - failing good behaviour I have found I can meditate with ear plugs in and still hear the sound of a recorded bell on the stereo if I whack the volume up and sit right next to it! But the cacophony of mischief happening downstairs is all but gone! It seems like a massive step at first but just take the leap! big love X

  2. What a beautiful post! And that chickweed, gorgeous! What a wonderful find.

    1. can't wait for it to dry so I can infuse it and make skin creams ... or maybe I'll infuse it in oil and make a block balm bar type thingumy, less faff with water and wax temps right?! Now I wonder if I can source some for growing in my garden. Much love X

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    1. just a reflection of all the wonderful women out there in the world X