Saturday, 27 April 2013

Luna Love

I am feeling the love of all things Luna with the phase just having been full and eclipse season kicking off.  I am feeling the love melt my heart through my childrens tiny hands slotting neatly into mine still ~ I am grateful they are still small.

I love that their voices are still squeaky and high pitched despite their eloquence, I am grateful for the things they say and their perspectives on life ....

Zander said the other day 'Mummy I don't want to upset you ~  I love the things you buy me - the crystals and things but Daddy knows what I want best, he is better at buying presents but I love the presents you give me too.'  I was totally made up at his rection to the amethyst point I bought him home from Glastonbury.  I figured he'd be unimpressed wish it were a piece of plastic tat and discard it and forget it.  But he gushed over it and held it constantly for the next few days.  He wanted it by his pillow when he sleeps and has taken it into school to show.  He said what he said from a place of love ... how wonderful he see's our differences and embraces them.

Gaia told me 'Mummy you would look good even if you were covered in jam and paint' ... just love, that is all I can say to that!

I am unimaginably full of love for my friends light dawning on this world again after so much darkness.

I am full of humble love for fresh starts, opening to signs and hair cuts being exciting

Love for the flowers in my garden now that it is warmer.  Love for the evolution of my outdoor space, the self seeding, the randomness, the surprises from year to year.

I am loving nurturing community ... little moves me and the universe are making together to bring more of that into the world around me ... establishing mama lunches here at our place every fortnight and friends with enthusiasm for fascinating projects who want me involved.

I always feel love when I can sleep (yes I am STILL working night shifts!)

I love that starting college in september became completely and entirely possible in one tiny instant today when I found out about a new scheme to help with finances.

I love that I have maintained some sort of regular practice both of meditation and yoga for the last few months.  Casual relaxed attitude rather than rigid scheduled pressure.

With love love love X


  1. Wonderful.
    You know what I love? I love visiting others, and finding them writing love notes. I love to hear stories of people loving their lives.
    Love becomes bigger, and bigger.

    1. yes, open to love and love grows. Sometimes we close to love we resist love but the only way is to open in the end. LOVE X

  2. Replies
    1. catching the love here is important to me ... it helps me through times of frustration and inadequacy ... like today ... today I'm breathing, focussing on not following that busy mind of mine x