Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Bedtime Rhythms

if it ain't broke don't fix it ... if it don't work try something new.

I'm trying something new with bedtimes since I got back from my sojourn.  They have always seemed so chaotic but partly by following Gaia's lead and partly going with a natural flow I hadn't taken time to notice before, bedtimes seem to be more peaceful just now.

The main difference to how we used to do things is that straight after a bath and getting into pyjamas I ask each kid to go find their story for the evening and get into to bed to wait for me whilst I sort the other out.  This seems to maintain the calm the lavender bath brings and doesn't see them having that mad half hour when they used to jump and clown about in the living room with Cliff.  I have Cliff come up and say goodnight to them in bed now which keeps them from getting distracted and hyper by whatever TV he is watching and it avoids the bonkers battles I have with them when I tell them it is time to go up.

Reading to each separately in their individual rooms brings a precious opportunity for one to one time instead of always having to share me with each other.  It gives us a chance to talk about happies or worries from the day and for me to offer reassuring wisdom about the dark of night time and the dream world.

I am loving that we have found this flow, loving I was open enough to follow down that path when I glimpsed it one evening.  

Sweet dreams X

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  1. What a lovely routine, some day your kids will look back on these moments and be so thankful.