Monday, 18 March 2013

wholesome is ...

their love for one another ...

sunday art sessions ...

this book ...

... which is such a relief to read so eloquently seeming to shout I hear you mama!  I see where you're at and where you've been with it's honest account of everything motherhood brings a woman - light and dark.  It is the book I wish I'd read before having babies the one that says yes it IS amazing and unlike anything else you'll ever do, it' is also going to push you to that ledge way beyond the edge ... BUT you are not alone mama' it soothes.

looking forward to Ostara on wednesday and having both kids at home for it.

what has been wholesome in your worlds this weekend?

love love love X


  1. :) big smiles here, thank you so much Rose for your kind words! Do please pop a review on Amazon!!!
    Lucy x

    1. I shall Lucy .. its on the to do list :) x