Friday, 29 March 2013

Tree Medicine : Beech

I chanced upon a bottle of Beech Bach Flower Remedy yesterday, one I had forgotten about.  The healing properties of Beech are channelled towards helping us see more beauty in all that is around us when there is a tendency to see only or mainly the negative.  It helps a person  develop tolerance, compassion, leniency and  understanding specifically in seeing that other individuals and things are working to their own perfection.  It helps us to work through being overly critical and with  learning to see the good growing within.  Yep, that all resonates one hundred percent.  No coincidence then that we crossed paths.  Lately I have been working hard at welcoming in and listening to my higher self more and with that I'm following my intuition more too, so I let my train of thought carry me on this one, naturally, to the Beech Woods which stand on a chalk rise just outside Cambridge.  I knew that would be where we were headed  this morning and the weather smiled kindly on my intentions.  So we did.

It was biting cold for mama not running around and clambering over fallen trees but I purposefully let the energy of nature permeate my being, stopping to connect with the massive roots of an uprooted Beech and delighting in the golden leaves that still cling defiantly to the younger trees.  Then other vivid colours jumped out at me from the ground where I had not noticed them before.  The markings of the ivy made me think of serpents for some reason.  Maybe lizards.


The kids found an ivy hollow and we built a den but we had a bit of trouble from less than compassionate dog walkers who somehow failed to recognise a child terrified by dogs.  I actually had to have stern words with a few of them after they continually let their dogs jump up at and chase an obviously panic stricken Zander.  It was really hard to get him to keep still and stand with me so the dogs didn't think it a merry game.


Earth provided medicine most of the day actually, we planted veggies outside after lunch but Gaia seems a little under the weather now so we've had a very chilled evening of lavender baths and stories read by Zander who can make his way through a whole proper book from home now ~ not those patronisingly repetitive ones from school which I have never insisted he read at home.  I have always let him lead and when he started to show an interest in reading at home I embraced it.  No rush, just when it felt right for him.  I stand by my principle of letting the children lead.  Tonight he read Giraffes Can't Dance and this week he has also read Biscuit Bear and Aliens Love Underpants Save The World.  Very proud mama.

Today has been a good day, thanks maybe to Beech, so I have a grateful heart.

love love love X X X


  1. There is nothing quite like earth medicine. I think she reaches out to us when we need her most.