Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Today was a good day ...

why? well lets see ...

I made THIS totally natural store cupboard 'no-poo' shampoo & conditioner .... and I swear my hair has NEVER not ever in the whole history of me felt or smelled this good!  At this point, for the sake of remembering things in years to come I want to note that Gaia sat up in our bed the other morning to pronounce 'mama tentacles are bad for you'  sorry you what?  It took me a little while to decipher that one first time around ... 'tentacles are bad for you aren't they'  You see tentacles are chemicals!  We like it, it's stuck.  Tentacles are bad for you.  Fact.  In this tentacle free recipe it calls for 10 - 15 drops of essential oil, you could use any - I used mandarin because it was literally the only oil I have left being poor as a church mouse, but sweet mama I was glad.  Try it - love it!

Clearly invigorated and forgetting I'd just come off a night shift I turned Gaia's bottom bunk into more of a cosy den with sarongs and drapes - you can never have enough drapes.  Another fact!  Then .... a little change for the boys room ... I mused.  Just a little something small that will make it more cosy too (effort to be distributed equally between both kids less injustice should be felt!) ... but oh no, once I got in there the insane action mama part of my brain kicked into gear and thus commenced a complete 3 hour over-haul spring-clean move-around!  The room was stagnant, literally, the energy is SO much better in there now and he's hung out in there ever since we got in from school.


just as I finished that massive mission look what arrived in the post from a mama, Paula, who blogs here - by Lucy who blogs here

So glad I listened to the voice that told me to sack off playgroup and a walk in the woods.  Both would have been lovely but this has brought greater energy to our home.

Celebrating the goodness when it finds us ... what goodness found you today?

Love love love X


  1. i love days like this :D sometimes a move around in the house can have amazing effects.

    loves xxx

    1. ... and you wonder why you never did it sooner :) Big love Polly X