Thursday, 7 March 2013

So long and thanks for all the fish!

Said Douglas Adams.

Says I - so long my dready babies ... thanks for the ride.

I am not at all sure how I want to pull together my feelings on the last few days liberation. It may be too soon.  And so I will keep it short and sweet ... like my new 'do' for now.  There is much to be said but much still to be done.

Amongst a torrent of descriptives the word RELEASE projects loudest.  Deep release in and from a moment of total spontaneity.  I have my impulsive inner pixie to thank for that!  And thank her I do.  Her hair cutting skills are rudimentary so I still look forward to a proper styling from my soul sister at new Moon.

The journey has just begun.

As I have written before I am supporting Maternity Worldwide in honour of this shedding of my dreadlocks.  I have a justgiving page that I am keeping open a little longer so if the work they do to make pregnancy and childbirth safe in developing countries speaks to you please show them some love!  They can do so much good with the £300 already donated by the amazing people who know me or know of me out there - MASSIVE MASSIVE LOVE to you!  Given that it only takes £15 to make one birth safe think how many women have been gifted not only their own lives but the lives of their newborns too.  

Till a little later ... sleep well, blessings bright X 


  1. wow Rose!! well done, i am pleased that you seem pleased. My hair is very long at the moment and i know i would have mixed feelings about cutting it but it sounds like you are are on a journey. Go girl.

    1. thank you Caroline, it's turning out awesome this part of the ride, I have more to say but sleeping on it all a while longer as my mama would say. Much Love X X X