Saturday, 2 March 2013

Saturday Spa Party

The girl is sick so my planned day in the woods with friends didn't happen .. sort of a shame as the spring was stunning today but the imps have made good use of the garden instead.

I bought some stretched canvases for cheap the other day so dug them out and got the kids painting.  I love displaying their art like this but cursed myself for not buying one for myself, that creative pixie inside is jumping up and down as if it will burst if it's not allowed out to express itself more often!  Things flow when the art supplies come out and Zander has started making butterflies and chrysalises to hang all over the house, totally his idea but so in tune with my own personal themes and thoughts of emergence and unfurling.  Gaia just  enjoyed covering herself in paint!  I remember Zander did at that age too, she still so small, easy to forget with her powerful command of language and mature attitude.

This afternoon we had our first Spa Party ... a new fixture for a Saturday but destined to be a regular one!  I swept Gaia's hair back in a band and wrapped her shoulders in a towel.  Home made face mask of oats, honey, goats milk and olive oil plus a few slices of cucumber.  It was like a rite of passage for a mama of a small girl painting her little finger nails for the first time.  I lucked out in the charity shop today with pots of pretty polish for 50p each!  She loved it!

And the boy had a turn too - I cut his hair.  Oh the dramas I have had over the last four years whilst washing and trying to free his long just-let-us-dread-god-damn-it locks.  No more!  I am no hairdresser but my crude styling skills are not too bad, he is in love with his new do anyway and so are we, we can see so much more of his gorgeous heart shaped heart breakin' little face.

Next week for Spa Party day I'm going to get them making bath bombs and massage oils for us to use.  Little lessons in self care early on in life are no bad thing I conclude, so very important in this crazy fast paced age we live in that is only going to become more so the older they get.

Love and light and blessings bright! X X X

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