Monday, 25 March 2013

For the love of Art

Sometimes I want to swoon all over descriptive metaphors and some times stripping back brings as much pleasure.  Stripping back today and making a list of weekend happies and wholesomes - the big little things that make my heart sing like

cafe date just the boy and me.  Long over due, the most handsome date I ever had.  We have barely spent any time alone just the two of us since Gaia joined our family nearly four years ago and I know he has suffered because of it.  We will deffinitly be doing this way more often.

happy gratitude for arty inspired children ... oil pastels have brought something out in them that other medium haven't ... maybe they have their mamas love for them - we have a veritable gallery in our house now ...

baked avocado stuffed with Stilton ... DUDE!  Avocado and anything, stilton and anything basically!

dancing round the house to Craig Charles' funk & soul show with the kids on saturday night.  Really digging the dance offs we are having right now.

shaking the energy up in our home ... move over stagnant lake hello effervescent waterfall of energy ... I am learning to do it when the moment takes me, you never know when it will again ... even if it means diverting my focus from the kids for a bit, they love the change too 'it's like we moved house' they said.

homemade vegan ice cream - this weekends hits have been banana & kiwi and banana & mango ... too good, too easy.

bedtime stories now taking place in my newly re-arranged vibesome bedroom ... snug as bugs!

returning light in a friend shrouded in darkness so long.

love love love X X X