Thursday, 28 March 2013

All in one day...

... there are blissful highs and equal lows.  Things can be bubbling along just fine and then fun goes too far, buttons get pushed, patience is lost, no one will listen, intentions get side lined and it feels like I will never be able to turn this gig around, I mean not just today ... ever.  Cliff is dong bedtime tonight, not a bad thing in itself but I'd rather the kids did not think I was their adversary.

What I have been good at this week is den building.  Love a good den, the kids love a good den ... eat lunch, colour, watch a movie, squish mummy in with you ... then when you're asleep little ones mummy squishes in with a cuppa and her own book.  Hoping for a good weekend.  Visualising a good weekend.  Working on manifesting a good weekend.  All but one since December have been bitter struggles.

That's a life in the day of us today x


  1. I totally know exactly how you feel, the days lately seem to start so well and full of intention and then they just meltdown. I hope your weekend is a good one!

    1. oh so glad it's not just us Hollie! love X