Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Witchin' in the Kitchen

I am very easily distracted by virtually anything so I am trying to find more organic satisfying rhythms for our home and two things that seem to be a daily fixture and a good place to start this experiment are bread baking and soup making.  And in between all the kneading (which Gaia is fast becoming an expert at 'fold and press' she can be heard chanting!) and proving, roasting and rising we sit down for stories or puzzles, the TV is taking an enforced vacation from our lives for a bit!

Today's soup was Roasted Tomato and Herbs.  I am a sucker for intensifying and sweetening flavours this way - the result beats a tin from the supermarket any day ... even an organic one!  

I ran a little side project too; one I have been curious about for a while ... making my own multi-purpose eye make up from burnt almonds ... essentially homemade Kohl.  It is so simple - a couple of handfuls of flaked almonds in a thin bottomed frying pan.  I used my oldest most beat up pan - the same one that is perfect for pittas and flatbreads because it heats so quickly being so thin.  I cooked them on full heat until completely blackened and smoking - open windows and switch extractor fans on!  Once totally charred I ground them down as fine as I could in a pestle and mortar till the oils start seeping out.  I then blitzed it in the pastes attachment that came with my food processor for good measure.  I transferred back to the pestle and mortar and added a drop of the calendula oil I made last year - a little at first grinding it into the mixture then slightly more because I wanted to use this as mascara as well.  The smell is amazing - like coffee made from almonds not beans!  I do not recommend trying to get this mixture inside a clean mascara pot it is nigh-un impossible!  So I have cleaned out an old face mask tub from Lush and stored it in there and am simply dipping the mascara wand in and removing excess with a tissue before applying.  It is more subtle than a regular mascara but that's how I like it anyway and as a shadow applied with finger tips then blended it gives the ultimate smokey sultry effect. 100% satisfying knowing how completely natural and inexpensive it was!

I am going to have to play with consistency and possibly the ingredients (may add some bees wax) before I'm satisfied but so long as I have it all perfected by the time Gaia shows any interest in make up I'll be happy ... which I'm sure will be a while yet!

I also made a tray of utterly luxurious hand lotion bars using Polly's recipe at This Enchanted Pixie.  I have adapted the recipe slightly because I had oodles of calendula oil left so instead of the coconut oil and the sweet almond oil I used two cups of calendula oil to the one cup of beeswax.  The result is divine and just what my poor hands needed.

Always with love, always with light X


  1. Hi, I have never thought of making mascara or that you even could, I gave up make up a couple of years ago because of all the nasties in it and mascara has been the only thing I miss, thank-you for posting this, you have inspired me to get experimenting x

    1. hey Lou, glad it interests you :) The only thing I would change is to use aloe vera gel instead of the oil because the aloe vera will dry like a regular mascara would whereas the oil based one i made comes off gradually during the day and needs re-applying. It actually applies a little thicker now its been sitting a few days too which I like but absolutely love the simple nature based solution to one of my long time guilty pleasures - mascara is the one i miss most too - my boy always tells me i look half asleep without it! love and light Lou X