Friday, 1 February 2013

Soup for the Soul

I have recently dug out my Covent Garden Food Company Recipe Book which has been sitting in a trunk never once used for a whole year .... why?!  I tell you every one of the vegetarian recipes sounds like a winner - even the kids smack their lips and demand more alongside homemade crusty bread and it makes me inexplicably happy in the knowledge they are getting all the nutrients they need and then some ... and they don't even realise it.  Getting them to eat veg that looks like veg is still a chore even though they were born vegetarien, so this is a revelation.

They are of course highly suspicious of each new soup placed in front of them but I'm using my Nana's old trick and when they ask me what it is I say ... 

'If it'  ...  'No, what is it' they chirrup  ...  'If it' I say again .... 'If it's nice you'll like it' 

and that is all I am prepared to say and it turns out all I need to say.  It works ... the wisdom of grandmothers eh?

So far this week we have enjoyed - 

Moroccan chickpea, mango and spinach soup

Vegetable and peanut butter soup

Reviving lemon, thyme & lentil soup

Such a nice change from the standard Leek and potato soup I have been churning out over the last few months because it's a fail safe.  Bland recipes are such an easy rut to get stuck in when the kids pallets are still developing.  This weekend with Imbolc upon us I shall be road testing the enchantingly named 'Grandad Elf's Spring Herb Soup' and I'm literally urging the nettles to start sprouting along the river bank as Cliff has finally announced he is 'up for trying nettle soup' free soup!....foraging points to mama!

And the best bit ... there is always leftovers for the next days lunch.

Brightest Blessings


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