Monday, 4 February 2013

She stirs ....

The seeds of life in the earth do quiver, touched and tickled by teasing sunlight and the subtle suggestion of growing warmth. It is curious how though it is still so cold and barren, all bar the brave snowdrops who vivaciously peep, that it still feels at this festival like we are gathering our things and preparing to leave the dark woods of winter behind us. The wheel turns, always after dark there is light. After hardship can come easier times if we invest our souls and our belief.

Little rituals build each year, each one - each time we practise, becomes more dear
A little closer to the spirit of the earth we sail so with the whole of my heart; spring - the maiden I hail!


I am remembering how fortunate we are that even through coldest darkest winter there is always food available, always shelter, always warmth, although I think we might do well not to be complacent about our good fortune as one day in the earths future it will inevitably run dry.  And so a theme of resilience and self sufficiency is not inappropriate especially as times are increasingly tough on our pockets. I like a more humble existence anyway but I have been wondering in what new ways can I re-enforce and enhance these principles to my children this year? How are other mama's teaching this? Whose inspiration can I draw on? 

They are a year older, a year wiser and more capable so instead of orchestrating operations of self sufficiency myself and merely asking for their help and company I think I will start to inspire and hand over some planning to them. We have our vegetable patch so lets dig out some books and they can decide what veg they would like to grow, get them drawing rough planting plans and choosing the organic seeds before planting them.
We love to forage, so this year they could draw up identification sheets and laminate them so we can take them with us on our expeditions. I thought we could buy proper blackberrying baskets and draw up lists of the things we can make at home with our haul; let them write out and illustrate recipes and perhaps bind them together into a family recipe book.
Community (I love the C word!) how can I enhance their understanding of the importance of this?  Continue gathering kindred spirits together at poignant moments of the year, take produce and home baking's to share with friends at school ... I have re-found the Cambridge Transition movement after a personal hiatus.  I know there are community orchards and seedy-sundays where we can swap seeds.  I've noticed teams of people clearing the common and river banks of detritus and over growth - perhaps its time we got involved there and perhaps this year ... the parade at Strawberry Fair!

Always I hope these workings will help with the endemic impatience I sense lurking.  It lurks at school, in shops, in their peers, on the TV, the internet and in quick delivery times ... it does it's best to infiltrate our homely rhythms so I must continue to thwart its efforts and grow my children's awareness, gently, more each year - things take time, projects - however big or small, even making bread, evolve.

With Imbolcs arrival I found the triple spiral in my home - maiden mother crone.  My Mama came to stay for the first time ever.  She feasted with us and I mothered my mother.  The kids loved it.  Some old wounds are healing in the face of a new crisis, it is hard for me to resist.


Brightest Blessings treading always with love, always with hope and belief X

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