Saturday, 9 February 2013

Permission to relax

It has been a shitty ass day.  I was feeling suffocated by negativity and the inability to deal with more challenging behaviour rationally.  Today I did something I have never done before - something exclusively to heal myself; I left the house and drove.  Alone.  My head didn't know where at first but my heart has an inbuilt compass ... always the woods.  Had to be extensive could-get-lost kinda woods.  

I walked and walked.  At first I only noticed how some of the trees were sickening and thought them a fitting metaphor to my mind - polluted by thoughts of the wrong vibration.  Then realising this major error in my ways I took time to hold my intention - simply, I was there to 'Let it flow, let it go' .  Slowly I felt the negativity shedding like a tree sheds its leaves in an autumn breeze and  gradually in its place the healing started and I touched on something soothing, something subtly ethereal.  I hid.  I gasped.  I hugged.  I  let the earth take my weight.  I let my mind empty some.  I let the rhymes come.  I could have lost all time and stayed all day.  I could have stayed all night camped under starry skies without a care for the cold or anything else.  Finally I have given myself permission to relax and be me by myself.




'may the odds be ever in your favour'

I felt revived, alive again, like the waters of a cool mountain spring would revive and have vowed to do this regularly - this is only the beginning.  Although it didn't solve any of the days problems, which continued rolling in long after my return, the simple act of allowing myself this luxury of time and space went a way to start altering the way I see and feel.  I would highly recommend it!

Always treading lightly with belief, hope & gratitude x x x

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