Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Letting go : part 1

Did you know that humans loose close to one hundred hairs every day ... yes that is 100 ... and that is people of all ages men and women our amazing bodies regenerate and produce new ones until certain men reach a certain age, but in general we all shed daily.  Most of those end up in the hair brush, in the plug hole, around the house ... unless you have dreadlocks and then they end up .... in your dreads, part of the matting process.  I did some maths based on my twelve year dread cycle which is coming to an end and it works out I must have around 483'000 old hairs caught up in these dreads of mine.  Not a wonder I feel a physical weight.

Yesterday the imps and I began the process of cutting them back.  I have decided to do it in stages so that they don't get too much of a shock as they have only ever known my dread framed face but the impulsive part of me really wanted to get carried away and keep hacking, they got quite carried away too, arguing over who had cut the most!  But sticking with the original plan for better or worse here's how the journey began ... with a big 'eeeek moment!


We've cut ten inches off the bottom and at first it was weird like cutting the tentacles off an octopus or an umbilical cord! Then it was cool, easy, liberating.  But after we finished this evenings sit and I had put the kids to bed I felt up and down about it wildly excited and slightly sad all at the same time.  No doubt the energy and power of the cloud hidden full Moon was playing her part there though too, just remembering to trust in the process whilst breathing out I am letting go, breathing in I connect with the wild within.

Love and moonlight X


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