Friday, 22 February 2013

I will not be defined!

'But they are who you are, aren't they?'

... a friend said to me today after she'd caught me on the way out the school gates saying 'don't do it, don't do it!!!' ... regarding the shedding of dreads thang.  Whilst it makes me sunshine and lollipops happy to know people love them as much as I have and that people think they and I mesh well and harmonise together it still made me feel a little uncomfortable.  Because whilst they are a part of who I am they are not, I hope, what defines the whole of me - there's a person - an effervescent soul under them there dreads folks!

Suddenly I feel rather than being on a quest to find this out for myself, the moment the words 'but they are who you are' were spoken was pivotal and my attitude changed - my quest now is clear, it is to prove that they do not define me.  I will not be defined by my hair!  Previously I wrote that I hoped I would find the wild within and the gumption and vivaciousness still there once the dreads are gone.  Today I know I am all those things and still will be dreadless or no.  So I thank my friend for giving me a big hit of healing self belief!

Maternity Worldwide got in touch today and I found out it only takes £15 to make a birth safe in Africa and £80 trains a midwife for a month so having raised over £200 already is a wonderful thing!  Thanking anyone reading who has sponsored me already it's generating a hugely positive feeling out there - despite the mixed feelings I have invoked in my friends.  But then wouldn't the world be boring if we were all the same!

Love and light X X X

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