Monday, 11 February 2013

Daily Intentions

I am trying to pay more attention to and consciously name my intentions each day, as I think without them I have been lost a long while.  I realised whilst walking alone in the woods at the weekend how powerful this can be. Today is the first day of half term and I worked a night shift last night so things could have gotten tough without some positive thinking.

I'm holding on to Saturdays 'let it flow, let it go' and a new intention for today ... 'guide them gently'.  

For me this encompasses three aspects I want to master over time - gentle thought, gentle speech, gentle action and I believe guidance is exactly what they need and what I am here for in essence as a mama.  Simultaneously I feel I too need gentle guidance - something I must take responsibility for seeking out myself, a process I am enjoying the beginnings of already.

We went to the woods to discharge surplus energy first thing this morning.  Despite the biting cold it was beautiful with delicate feathery snow falling around us.


The kiddos have started to play more imaginative role play games in the last couple of days involving building a structure, setting a scene and making props which I absolutely love to get involved with.  It started with dens but we've pulled together a pirate ship, an army base and a teddy hospital too.

We've all flexed our creative muscles with renewed enthusiasm these last couple of days.  It started with me doodling quietly by myself on sunday morning as a kind of keep-my-head-down therapy, it didn't occur to me they would come and find inspiration in it but they did.  Today we made a bird mobile from a set I bought at the Tate Modern a few years back and  I watched their imaginations click into the next gear allowing them to create their own beautiful variations on the theme.  It hasn't been a bad day at all so I have one grateful heart and lunch with friends to look forward to tomorrow.


With love and light and blessings bright X


  1. I think that's a great idea to keep present and in the now. I tried the burnt almond mascara from your other post at the weekend (there's a pic on my blog) it was fun to make and my son has been asking if we can use it for face paint, so it's versatile too! Thank-you x

  2. Anything helps on this crazy mama-hood journey! It is so easy to forget my intentions and drop my cool where really if I could only remember I would actually achieve what I'm aiming for ... much closer to it anyway. The mascara - I am planning to make it with aloe vera gel instead of oil to combine it into a paste next time as aloe vera dries where oil does not - oil is probably great for face paint as it comes off more easily but for mama the mascara needs to stick a little while longer ;0) As the kiddos have been playing army bases this week I'll be breakin' out the mascara as camo paint! You can use dried fruit powders instead of burnt almonds for colours but I have not tried this yet. sending you love Lou X

  3. I'm also trying to consciously choose my intentions each day, I think it's so key to personal growth and fulfillment and am already seeing SUCH a difference in the (relatively) short time I've been inviting positivity in a HUGE way into my life.

    1. Allie its so heart warming and strengthening to hear others on the same journey, collective strength and positive thinking is a powerful tool. Much love X