Thursday, 24 January 2013

Wits End: raw and unedited 2

Wits End

There is a place not on any map
It is called Wits End
It is somewhere I frequent often
Usually after driving round and round
the bend.

It isn't locked in on the sat nav
and there isn't anything there
nothing much worth seeing
except fresh air and a drop of despair

It's a place I sit and think
It's a place that I feel pity
For my kids that I just couldn't control myself
instead I flipped my lid

I wish it would disappear from my subconsciousness
Then maybe I'd never take that turn
disappear deep into some otherworldly mists
Then my kids love I'd never spurn.

They say it's like walking down a street
where you know there is a deep deep hole
At first it's nothing important and you just don't seem to care
But after repeatedly falling in you start to notice in your soul

Notice before you get there
take a step or two to the side
then eventually one day whilst they are driving me mad
I'll realise I have no need to hide.

One day I see myself counting to ten
Or doing a silly dance
Taking a deep breath and smiling
Saying everything I feel in a glance.


  1. Ahhhhh deep breaths..... it's all ok. Your kids are beautiful and so are you Xx

    1. Thank you mama, the full moon had a lot to do with last weeks upsets I realise now, they are totally different people this week! I must prepare for this if I can each month x