Tuesday, 22 January 2013

When the earth is still

We shall be too.

On Monday, after the promised ten centimeters of snow fell the night before, I kept the kids off school and nursery even though school was open.  We are not in the catchment area, a little way further and my car had absolutely zero petrol in it.  I didn't want to risk it conking out before reaching a petrol station and stupidly I left the pushchair out the night it snowed.  A fifty minute walk in the cold for my little ones .... and back that afternoon was not happening.  Not on your nelly.  I hear mother nature urging us to stay home, hunker down, reserve and preserve our energy and heat and in doing all this enrich the energy of the home.  I hear her, louder and clearer each year and it is important to me that I teach my children to listen for her and her changing rhythms.

We didn't waste the day, we had a home ed day instead, using the same loose focus as school - toys of old.  We all thrived with a focus, however loose and with the freedom to investigate where curiosity led us ... through time and space, in the loft, in and out of nature - making the obligatory snowman, embracing technology in the name of research.  I've concluded from today that the children do not like my natural chaos, I think I may have to reign myself in a little.


We made a den - inspired by some advert I caught sight of the other day, satisfyingly simple.  Having a den to share pots of tea, do puzzles, eat lunch and watch films in makes an ordinary day a festival!  I was once told 'make every day a festival' ... but then wouldn't the novelty wane?  It is making for a much cosier atmosphere, however long it lasts.

Also making me ponder at the moment is this; boys are as sacred as girls and as sensitive and thoughtful if my boy is anything to go by. But is it true that due to history, and how it has shaped and programmed society and its stereotypes, we treat them differently to girls, without thinking?  Do we treat them less sensitively, insist they are braver, less emotional?  Steve Bidulph suggests this in Raising Boys, which is a favourite read and I see it in myself I think.  I do not like this and have the urge to work to change this unconsciousness within me.  

And the girl, she's going to give me toothache one of these days with her sweetness ... at 5am Gaia had got herself up and snuck down to see if she could see that our snowman had come alive!  And only yesterday she was telling me she wanted to make 'snow darlings' ... little angel!

Winter blessings and love X

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