Monday, 28 January 2013

Sanctuary in strange places

A day of job applications for me here today.  Normally something I'd pull faces at and put off in favour of something more exotic but I have blocked this time out for me and me alone.  I've turned countless friends down and lunch with my Mama at her new job but today is turning out to be wholesome in it's own way.  How far I have come to think on a day of such admin as me time but with a bowl of organic tomato soup steaming beside me, endless cups of herbal tea and chilled beats wrapping me in comforting sound I have found sanctuary, head space, quiet, time.

I have stopped for lunch and found beauty and inspiration from other mama's in the ether and I have promised myself that if I finish all my applications with time to spare before the school and nursery run I will take a solitary trip to Cambridge's Walking With Women exhibition.

Sanctuary is scattered and inconsistent once you have children but a true blessing when it does find you.  With the full moon making for an exhausting emotional weekend with the kids I am so very glad monday (moonday) hails a change.  Hopefully I will float into the playground on a cloud this afternoon, with vibrations of calm the children can feed off.

Bright blessings X

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