Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Remembering midwinter happies ...

The winter holidays were a welcome chance to shed the shackles of time. Nothing is sweeter than getting home from a night shift and snuggling with the bairns on the sofa instead of doing the crazy half hour turn around to school I normally get. 

With no particular schedule to keep we've all enjoyed ignoring the clock, ignoring our phones, only noticing the strength of sunlight outside and weather our bellies are full or not.



I organised us well this year so that the eve before wasn't a stressful slog for Mama and Pa. Solstice we celebrated with like minded mamas and little ones, a big pot of soup and this holiday hotcake. We even managed a fire in the garden the day after.

Plenty of goodly gatherings with the wider family; food and games, wine and much less whining! I risk sounding all lollipops and rainbows when I say Christmas day itself was damn near perfect ... lots of stories, lots of puzzles, lots of peace, lots of films, lots of gratitude and a whole lotta love.




loved the festive view from my yoga mat ...


We wrote wishes for the coming season on muslin and tied them to our new apple tree so they may travel on the whispers of the wind. I made three wishes - for the earth, for a friend and for myself last. I explained to the children how wishing good for other things and people is important when wishing for ourselves and evidently they heard me as they chose theirs. Zander remembered that the last time we did this we burnt the wishes in the fire so the cinders would carry them on the breeze, but I thought it would be a nice way to bless the trees we just planted.


dusky tea parties in the garden ...


And nothing brought me more joy than spending New Years Eve at home with my babies and the Mr. I toyed with the idea of going out as I was not working but I am glad I didn't. Sometimes it is hard not to clutch at feint wisps and strands of our pre-children life, but really it is good to give into it, stop resisting. That feeling of being whole that I get when I have both babies hugged in tight is nothing I can get anywhere else.

Resistance is a reoccurring theme in my life I am realising. The negative ruts I get stuck in are perpetuated by my trying to resist things; a way of behaving or something maybe fate throws my way that I disagree with, plans she has for me that I am not reconciled with, assuming I know better. Resisting things is counterproductive I think, it seems to create friction and I am starting to see where I can use acceptance in it's place. 

Not often am I beyond words, but this winter gift from Cliff ... it's undeniable beauty and perfection spoke softly but unmistakably ...

See how he knows you so well, see how he loves you.  And as Oak itself knows and breathes longevity and strength, so do we, so can we, leave resistance behind Rose .... a whisper.

So here is to the slow unfurling of spring which the bulbs in my garden promise me will inevitably come.

bright blessings love and light



  1. What an absolutely beautiful ring, and I really love the wishes idea! xx

    1. thanks Bec. I haven't forgotten you or the crafts I plan to send you, I haven't been completely together lately but you are never far from my thoughts, ever. I hope you are both well you and the babe? love and light X