Thursday, 18 October 2012

Wholesome is ...

Hearth and home still call. Gaia is showing a lot of emotion and tiredness since starting nursery. It has surprised even her I think. She is like her mama - she believes she is invincible and can continue ploughing through all the things she wants to do without considering her energy reserves. So I am trying to honour her fatigue by spending non-nursery time together at home and forgoing some of the lovely things we would normally do like bounce-around, music group and meeting friends for walks and coffee. Constantly being out of the house, sociable and hearty though it is, is tiring now nursery is part of the picture and leaves us feeling disconnected at times.

We stayed home today and subtly a wholesome flow started to trickle through - refreshing us like a cold mountain stream, really it did and bringing with it moments to be present in



today wholesome was ...

how Zander thoughtfully picked out the star necklace for his sister this morning saying 'you want to look your best' for the school photographs

unplugging, tuning out

tuning in to something different

the simple fun of watching marbles going round and round over and over

when Gaia announced 'I think I lost something in my head'

making nature journals together

bathing feathers, leaves, barley corn and sycamore seeds with glitter

knocking up a new outfit for Catsy from an old pair of tights

and how they both thoughtfully cleared the table for dinner and totally tidied the playroom up tonight ...

... I am blessed, many times over.

with love and light X


  1. ah wholesome is just the right word! Preschool or nursery are tiring places to be indeed. We had the same in september with dd1. simple and slow i keep telling myself. love caroline

  2. I love the glitter. Such a cute and easy craft project.

    <3 Melissa