Monday, 15 October 2012

Thrifted threads lovingly re-imaginend

I am feeling quite alive for the re-emergence of some of my creativity.  This month has been a bit of a journey in that respect   - a sequence of inspiring events/meet ups/friends and signs.  Really listening to the universe and thinking 'what the heck I'll go with this' has given me the something I needed to dust off the sewing machine and un-lock my imagination.

here is the first piece I sold but I have another butterfly and many more stars so could make another bespoke ...


I need to spend some time setting up some sort of little on line shop as I am setting myself the target of up-cycling/creating two pieces a week.  I have kids clothes to play with too.

These two are also finished ...



the possibilities with a box of thrifted clothes and stashed fabric are endless, it's just time I need to find more of.  Thoroughly enriching though, creativity is definitely important.

love and light



  1. These all look so fab! Love the pockets on the shirt x

  2. Oh, my goodness -- I am a denim-skirt-wearing-girl and I am in love with the stars & flowers on the skirt you have ornamented! Also, thanks for saying 'hi' to me over at my blog -- yes! yes! curtain rings -- perfect... I first set out and searched for curtain rings. When I could not find good ones I bought the wooden ones off etsy. But, bravo, find some ribbons and you are all set!!


    1. well I have spare stars and spare flowers so if you wanted me to up-cycle a skirt you already own I'd be happy to!...few people have already asked if I'd up-cycle clothes they own I think it's a great idea. Much love X