Saturday, 6 October 2012

Sacred challenge

Good days make it easy to see what is sacred in life ... in challenging days I sometimes struggle to find it.  Today, finally at 9 p.m i thought of what is sacred about a challenging day, which today has been ... 

... what is sacred is the fact the very manor of the day gives me the impetus to keep questioning ... questioning my parenting methods, questioning where we are all at, why we are stuck in these ruts, what we all need and how I can find us all an easier path.  A challenging day fuels my curiosity and causes me to want to develop and understand more about my children and motherhood and human nature.

Tonight I am questioning and with spirit I will keep questioning and hold close the promise of a new day full of new beginnings.

love and light X


  1. Here's to it. And thanks for the 'check' you've given me! :)

    1. .... if it were easy we'd never strive to develop would we. Yes here's to it! X