Wednesday, 3 October 2012


A couple of inspirational blogs I'm reading currently here and here are playing with this idea of daily life as worship.  Not necessarily in a religious sense but in a sacred spiritual sense and this is what resonates with me.  I am definitely not religious though have Buddhist and pagan persuasions but I most certainly have a spirituality and believe some sort of divine can dwell in each moment and situation if we can only become conscious of it.

So I am playing with this idea too.  It's a mindful idea, one that begs me to sit up and take more notice of the ordinary:sacred moments  in my life.  I'll begin today ....

Playgroup days ... just Gaia and me - special and inevitably numbered with Gaia just a year away from school.

Women ... the collective energy and inspiration I'm feeling right now from near and far.

The wonder of nature and her crazy acorn/conker hybrid we found ...

Love and sunshine X


  1. There was a lovely quote posted on a blog I read recently "I believe in god, only I spell it nature" Frank Lloyd Wright. Definitely resonates with me.

    Lovely post Rose x

    1. what a brilliant quote Bec :0) lots of like minds out there .... comforts me. love and light X

  2. Thank you so much for the mention. I feel honoured to be linked to from your beautiful blog. :) So glad you are walking this path with me this month. x

    1. I'm so glad you don't mind my linking ... thank you for showing the way down this path ... bright blessings mama X