Saturday, 13 October 2012

Life as Meditation

... I never wanted to use the term worship for these posts even though that is where the idea loosely came from (see here and here) and today as I berated myself for dropping regular meditation practice AGAIN I figured this noticing and holding little things sacred could be meditation.  So there we are .... life as meditation ... it sits well and works well for a time poor mama.  These are the moments I lingered a little longer in yesterday ...


her imagination

and mine

shades of green I've never even seen

combining instinct and knowledge with listening to nature

finding him wrapped around his snoozing sister 'because I love her'

just noticing a creeping thirst for wordier words

love and light X


  1. Sibling love <3 So so wonderful, and lovely to see your beautiful self popping up in your post x

    1. it's an intense relationship they have ... they can fight like cat and dog but are so in love with each other too, keeps me on my toes if nothing else but these moments make it all worth while x