Tuesday, 25 September 2012

what I achieved ...

... today, was not what I set out to achieve.

I had planned to be an all-efficient-action-mama fastidiously printing copies of my CV and distributing it with a smile round the promising places on my list.  But various things (including a computer dragging it's sorry ass in from the stone-age at the library) conspired against me and that side of the day was rather dismal.  Feeling a bit woe is me I looked about noticed my to do list mocking me from the fridge and promptly started on a Ta-da list which looks something like this ...

made pumpkin loaf
made salt dough creatures and decorations with Gaia
got Gaia to nursery
did three loads of washing
made some lavender bath bombs which the children loved!
thrifted a gorgeous vintage duvet cover for the girl
made the effort to go to the library despite the outcome
made a roast
downloaded some application forms to fill in at work tonight

Tomorrow is another day.

Peace and light X


  1. Those bath bombs look delicious! Would love to know how you made them xx

    1. just posted the recipe for you lovely mama ... way too easy to make, made bath time such a ceremony last night. love and light X