Saturday, 29 September 2012

Of the Woods we are

A day that starts like this is bound to be a good one ...

Last night I watched a documentary about the New Forest, a place that I spent many happy summers as a child. And I knew that if morning brought sunshine Wandlebury Woods is where we were bound. It did and we were. And we were happy. No restrictions or rules just endless possibilities and fresh fresh air.



I spent most of my time sitting in an old partially fallen oak tree watching the children's contentment and connection with nature, breathing in breathing out letting the songs of the trees and the children's peals of delight resonate through to my soul.





tea and cake in a tree can't be bad can it? Especially when it's obviously where faeries gather too!

Though last Saturday was equinox and we celebrated indoors with friends on the rather soggy Sunday, I felt we were very much revelling in the season today too. And it really should be a season we celebrate not just one day ... I feel the beauty of the Celtic wheel of the year and it's myriad festivals gives me the flexibility to celebrate a prolonged period of time not just a single day at sparse intervals throughout the year.

I am certain that we will be holding our hands, hearts and heads skyward celebrating autumns enchantments as long as that teasing residual warmth of summer lets us - before we turn in homeward and call the season in for Winter.


  1. Beautiful. I'm feeling the same way. I don't worry much about 'missed' holidays, but love the connection for the connection itself.
    And, yes. Live in it as best we can before Winter shuts our doors.

  2. indeed ... a celebratory season is much more satisfying than working to one day! I am a big fan of prolonged celebrations too, let them run and run then there is always some connection to celebrate x x x