Sunday, 30 September 2012

Creative re-birth

Last week saw me hit by a creative lightening bolt. My creativity which perhaps lay mostly dormant since just before I had the kids suddenly seems to be surfacing. Creative thinking, creative doing, creative being ... 


... today I made this pair of leggings for Gaia out of an old pair of my pajamas using this tutorial .... I'm so chuffed with them, they were so simple and quick.

I prepared for the inevitable and made calendula syrup for coughs and colds and some sage honey for sore throats.

I baked a loaf of bread for the first time in a long while and brewed more winter vitamin syrup. I even hauled a box of my old clothes down from the loft ready for a bit of upcycling next week and I've started making salt dough home decorations again, inspired by nature and imagination.

It's quite refreshing. But I wonder, in amongst my fastidious creativity, weather I've been a good mama today or not.  There is no denying I need to flex my sleepy creative muscles. Yesterday was so intensely satisfying in the woods just them and me but today they've mostly been curled up with Cliff, who isn't 100% well, on the sofa watching films and playing PS3 games whilst I flit like a butterfly from one project to the next... is there any justifying this as quality down time with Daddy? How much does it really matter if once in a blue moon sunday is a total couch day? Funny how becoming a mother I've relinquished any justification for doing things for myself ... I wonder if other mama's feel the same or is it just me?

Love & Light X


  1. Hi Rose, I completely understand what you mean. I'm very busy with college work and i'm taking an online art course and making jewellery as well, so I do have to try to fit these into my day along side activities with the boys. I do feel guilty if they've been on the computer or watching a dvd whilst i've been painting or studying, but we do have to do things that make us feel alive and inspired as I think it makes us better mums. The happier we are, the happier our children will be. As long as I know that i've had lots of quality time with the boys everyday, then i'm very happy. Well done for discovering your creativity again, it's an amazing feeling. xx

    1. Tis true, I always say happy children happy mama but it works the other way around as well doesn't it X

  2. Hey clever mama, I love those cute leggings :)
    Hmm..well I think as kelly already said happy mamas = happy kiddies, we just celebrated our wedding anniversary not by having a romantic meal for two but with a long walk around a country park, photographing deer and playing on adventure playgrounds, to some folk this would be strange but to us it was perfect. Although we are off to a concert next Saturday so we will get some crazy dancing grown up time lol xx

    1. enjoy your concert at the weekend! We don't get out enough, which isn't a major headache seeing as we're both pretty shattered a lot of the time but I do get a proper yearning for the things we used to do .... music was our lives and we went out so often this seems a polar opposite sometimes ... having said that the times we do go out I get the same guilt I had this weekend whilst focusing my attention somewhere other than the kids! X